Your air conditioning repair Boynton Beach professional would have told you that you need to change the air filters once every one or two months. As you guessed it rightly, one of the reasons for this is to keep the air clean. But, from the technician point of view, there is another underlying reason for asking you to change the filters, which is protect your air conditioner from getting damaged. This is what the first job of your air filter – damage prevention. But, a wrong air filter installed in your system can cause a way more damage than a dirty filter.

Air Conditioning Repair Boynton Beach – How does an air filter protect your AC?

Primarily, an air filter is there in your AC unit to protect the system from damage, although today’s air filters are also effective in reducing the allergens in the air. If there is no filter in your system, the blower fan in the indoor unit could absorb large particles of debris from the air, which will in-turn, damage your AC.

At the same time, your system will need enough amount of airflow to cool your room properly. This is why you should change the air filters frequently. If your air filter is too dirty, not only it will stop the debris from entering into the system but also the air.

Why use the right air filter?

Just like your dirty air filter inhibiting airflow, a wrongly-sized air filter also could obstruct the airflow. While buying the air filter, you must check two basic things: (1) Size and (2) Rating. The fibers of the air filters that are meant to obstruct the particulates in the air may be so closely woven that they could prevent the air from moving into the system.

A good indicator of how well an air filter can filter is the “Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value (MERV)”. Most AC units come with the filters of 1 to 4 MERV. However, they may be able to hold the filters of up to MERV 8. On the other hand, if the air filters are too strong, they could put your AC unit at risk.
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