Do you find that your AC unit leaks water continuously? The air conditioning repair Boynton Beach issues are caused in the summers. because you tend to run the unit continuously for long hours during this season. Now, know which situations can cause water leaks in your AC unit here…

Air Conditioning Repair Boynton Beach

Firstly, if you could note that the water leaks are happening. in the indoor unit. you should first call air conditioning repair Boynton Beach experts. to have your condensate drain line inspected. This is because if the drain line is obstructed. with dust or debris.. it won’t be able to drain the condensed water properly and hence. the unit will leak that water in your rooms. If this is the case with your AC unit, you don’t have to worry much. Our experts can resolve it quickly by cleaning the condensate drain.

Alternately, if you find that the condensate drain line is damaged or rusted. you will have to go for a replacement. Here, remember that you won’t be able to do this without the help of professionals.

In some other cases, the condensate pump that pumps the water outside of the system could be damaged. This will also lead to water collection in the unit, which will then start to leak.

Situations causing water leaks in your AC

Air Conditioning Repair Boynton BeachBesides this, water leaks can be caused by the dirty air filters. These will clog the airflow and hence, the amount of air reaching the evaporator coils will reduce. Hence, the evaporator coils will get too cold and they will start to freeze. Afterward, when it starts to melt down. the quantity of water will increase in the unit. which will lead to indoor water leaks.

In addition to all the above situations. the inappropriate refrigerant levels in your unit can also cause this problem as it decreases. the pressure in the unit.

Finally, we, as an experienced air conditioning repair Boynton Beach Company. would say that water leak is one of the most common. AC problems that could easily irritate you. Therefore, it is recommended to properly maintain the system in the summers.

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